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      Coaching, Consulting and Training for Groups & Teams     
Culturally Emotional Intelligence:

I believe that paired with a global mindset and empathy, cultural difference can serve as a strength for individuals, teams, and organizations. My goal is to accompany you and your organization on the journey towards successful global communication. 


Intercultural Competence Building

  • Cultural Intelligence & Awareness

  • Global Communication Skills

  • Intercultural Management

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Psychological Safety &
Growth Mindset 

  • Benefit from personalized team coaching to help achieve improved and sustainable communication habits.

Enjoying the cup of coffee

Corporate Communication 

  • Impactful language consulting and training 

  • Professional training for specific communication needs: email writing, speech giving, meeting skills, etc 

Global Group and 1:1 Coaching 

  • Coaching is a high-return method to improve your: personal goals, EQ, intercultural relationships

  • Michelle will work with you to actualize your skills and capacities to communicate in a VUCA world. 

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Communicating in a Chinese culture

  • Chinese business culture & etiquette

  • Effective business communication

  • Management and negotiation styles in Chinese culture 

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15+ countries  |  25+ nationalities   

180+ organizations  |  3,000+ participants

Programs & Packages:

Corporate Trainings & Workshops

Cross-cultural or multi-national teams and organizations need to develop key soft skills in order to elevate their global competence and resilience. Michelle will work with your corporation or organization on customizing an online training package for strategic and successful communication. 


Training Topics:

  • Negotiating Across Cultures

  • Leading: Communications and Engagement

  • Creating Agile Teams

  • Presenting & Adapting to your Audience

  • Communicating Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

  • Teamwork for Global Competence

Leading Culturally Diverse Teams 

As teamwork is increasingly done online, fresh and different perspectives are needed to assess how to communicate effectively across cultural lines. It is essential to train teams in constructive communication, expectation management and developing both emotional and cultural intelligence.


Michelle’s intercultural teamwork program is 1-6 online workshop days, and includes:

  • Evaluating personal and team profiles with the EQ-360 assessment tool

  • Developing awareness of the team profile (strengths and weaknesses)

  • Learning skills for more effective collaboration and trust

  • Discussing how to create a psychologically safe environment

  • Establishing habits for teamwork, negotiating and giving feedback

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What our Clients Say

"Michelle is highly approachable and observant. She has a deep understanding of cultural differences across countries, having lived in Taiwan, Japan, and Europe, as well as having researched JCH. As a result, she was able to give precise examples that resonated with the participants.

She had a high level of mastery over the course materials and was able to provide participants with correct guidance and timely prompts in Chinese."

      -Phoebe Liu, Learning and Development Manager, HITACHI 



"This is the best cross-cultural training I have ever had. The topic is so useful! We all know empathy is important, but it is easier said than done. However, when we find that taking action can be advantageous to our life and job, then it becomes our skill to practice. In the session, it wasn't a principle or boring theory, rather it was fun and useful. I hope to have my next training with Michelle, it was a really good session!​"

- Jim Huang, Engineering Manager, Fortinet

"Michelle is an expert at facilitating intercultural dialogue between East and West. In one of her talks in Taipei, she shared a framework that was helpful to me as a knowledgeable professional for effectively conveying my ideas in the workplace. This knowledge would have helped me immensely both professionally and personally.

Michelle goes beyond language to include cultural gaps and meanings between Taiwan and the rest of the world. I recommend working with Michelle to anybody who finds themselves in a new culture."

- Powil Guzmanos, Agile product coordinator

CulturalEQ Coaching Circle '24

CulturalEQ Coaching Circle 

Develop your Global Agility 

with the combined strength of Cultural

and Emotional Intelligence!


Join an intimate online space for global

communicators who will meet every

two weeks for four months.

Gain Insight
Deepen Awareness
Increase Knowledge


Many of us ask ourselves:

How can I collaborate and network across cultures? How can I develop my cultural intelligence in daily life

How can I develop more confidence and resilience as a solopreneur coaching/consulting across cultures

How do I learn practical ways to adjust my communication style in higher-context cultures such as those in North and Southeast Asia? How can I learn from others who have similar experiences?

How can I find a group of like-minded people to explore my challenges confidentially and safely?

These are questions that many of us who are solopreneurs, interculturalists, coaches, consultants, international educators, leaders, and global team members, ask ourselves in today's world.

We know that our work is increasingly intercultural and that having both Emotional and Cultural intelligence is key to our professional success. And many of the frameworks we have for coaching, leading, and training are Western-focused. 


We also know how much we could benefit ourselves and our careers by understanding on a practical level how to communicate more effectively with holistic, high-context thinkers.  

Above all, we instinctively know that upskilling is intentional and that we must make the time to stop, reflect, and learn to be an effective and inclusive 21st-century communicator. 

Client Feedback

I highly recommend anyone to take coaching sessions with Michelle. Michelle can provide profound and insightful perspectives which you have likely never uncovered before. Throughout the one-on-one and group sessions with Michelle, I came out with effective solutions to establish greater confidence in making decisions and problem-solving, both personally and professionally. It has been a fruitful and rewarding coaching journey with Michelle!

- Letitia Huang

Join a focused and intimate space for
Globally Agile
solopreneurs and leaders (maximum of 7) 
who will meet every 2 weeks for four months 

  • To provide you with curated peer support and a confidential network

  • To learn from other global coaches, consultants, and leaders

  • To develop your CulturalEQ

  • To share, problem-solve and strategize

  • To explore intercultural communication values and practices

  • To find new ways of coaching and training that reflect your commitment to inclusivity 

  • To gain new tools for:

  1. developing a growth mindset

  2. decoding high-context communication

  3. communicating and leading with empathy


More about the Coaching Circle

What is Included
  • A total of 16 hours of online group coaching with Michelle

  • Access to course materials and resources online

  • Lifelong access to a community platform of fellow participants

  • An option to take the EQ-i development tool assessment

  • Support from Michelle via the course platform for the duration of the course

Course Platform
  • The course materials and resources will be hosted on Paperbell, where you will have a centralized online platform and direct connection with Michelle

  • You will have access to our private Whatsapp group where you can communicate with and support each other.

  • Our online group coaching sessions will be held on Zoom.

  • After the coaching circle ends, you will continue to be able to benefit from the membership of the community at large as well as stay connected with the other participants in the Facebook group, which is private and exclusive for course members.


We first meet on September 10th, 2024 

from 8:30-10:30 pm (Singapore time): 

  1. Get to know each other

  2. Introduction to the coaching circle

  3. Establish community values

  4. Set intentions


Six coaching circle meetings on Tuesdays starting September 24 from 8:30-10:30 pm (Singapore time).


Dates included:

September 24, October 1, October 22, November 5, November 19, December 3.


Complete your coaching circle journey on December 10th from 8:30-10:30 pm (Singapore time):

  1. Future intention setting

  2. Key lessons learned

Course Schedule

Upon completion of all three stages, you'll receive a digital certificate of completion from

the CulturalEQ Coaching Circle 

Your Investment 


Package 1:

CulturalEQ Coaching Circle Participation                    $775 USD

(Early bird special - sign up before July 25)

Package 2:

CulturalEQ Coaching Circle Participation                    $890 USD

Package 3:

CulturalEQ Coaching Circle Participation                    $1,095 USD   + pre-course EQ-i Emotional Intelligence

Assessment tool & 1-hour debriefing w. Michelle

Client Feedback

I am writing to recommend and express my gratitude for Michelle’s wonderful coaching sessions.


It has been a long time since I paid attention to my soft skills, but thanks to Michelle’s coaching sessions, I am picking them up again. At work, I’m always working on how I can improve my hard skills.


Yet the soft skills Michelle mentioned, such as cross-cultural awareness and CQ, are equally important if I wish to lead a successful career. 


I admire how Michelle continues to inspire people with her profession. and I hope that in the future I can also inspire others like she does.

- Ann Chen, Venture Capital Analyst, Taipei & California

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CulturalEQ Coaching Circle 

Develop your Global Agility with CulturalEQ


To apply for the CulturalEQ coaching circle, please send an

email to 

introducing yourself and sharing why you are interested.


The last date for applications is August 20th.

Michelle will contact you for a chat after we have received your applications.

The CulturalEQ coaching circle course is limited to 7 participants, and we will accept participants as they apply so if you'd like to join, get in touch the sooner the better.


Thank you!

A CulturalEQ Coaching Circle workshop with Michelle

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