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I grew up in the multi-cultural environments of New York City and Cape Town, South Africa, and have lived in Asia for the past 18 years. I am bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese and am passionate about all aspects of cultural intelligence. I consult with as well as train individuals, academic institutions, and companies on intercultural communication as the founder of Elephant Communications (雙象溝通) and I have over 15 years of experience working with individuals and groups from all walks of life as a corporate trainer, intercultural consultant, coach, and yoga therapist. 

I graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a Bachelor of Science in Speech and attended University of Melbourne in Australia as an exchange student. I am a certified Business Cultural Trainer from International House London in the U.K, an Intercultural Trainee in EIFID (European Institute for Intercultural Development)'s TTIT certification program, and a certified Emotional Intelligence and EQ-i 2.0/EQ360 coach from The Emotional Intelligence Training Company. I'm also a certified yoga therapist from the Atmavikasa Institute of Yogic Sciences in Mysore, India, and have been taking weekly Chinese language classes for over 12 years. 

I've worked with multinationals in the East and West such as Yahoo!, KPMG, Fortinet, Latch, and ING, not-for-profit organizations like Immigrant Social Services NYC and The Community Services Center Taipei, as well as lectured at academic institutions including Kaohsiung Medical University, National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University, East Asia Institute of Technology, Chilhee University of Technology, and BOSKOP Germany.

Dedicated to continuous learning and professional development, I'm currently in the Advanced Professional Coach Program at the International Coach Academy.

My hobbies are yoga, running, reading, and drinking tea. I enjoy sharing ideas as well as learning from people from all walks of life and consider myself to be very lucky to call Taipei my home. 


 Client Testimonials

Michelle helped me immensely. I came to her with a myriad of ideas about how to launch my business amongst feelings of panic and dread. Working with her, my ideas transformed into a list of action items and my feelings of panic and dread became excitement. I was able to take the next steps that I was afraid of taking and make progress toward my goal. She is an excellent listener and has great insight and energy. Working with Michelle has been a pleasure and her coaching worked - I am moving forward with renewed energy and purpose. Thank you Michelle!!!

- Kirsten Webb

This is the best cross-cultural training I have ever had. The topic is so useful! We all know sympathy is important, but it is easier said than done. However, when we find that taking action can be advantageous to our life and job, then it becomes our skill to practice. In the session, it wasn't a principle or boring theory, rather it was fun and useful. I hope to have my next training with Michelle, it was a really good session!

- Mr. Huang


Michelle creates a very comfortable environment for people to share ideas in. She is a highly experienced, skilled, and kind trainer who simply does a great job. Her trainings are interesting and offer practical takeaways for challenging situations in intercultural settings. I'd be up for another one! Recommend it to anyone interested in taking a closer look at the Chinese Culture.

- Belle

Michelle is an expert at facilitating intercultural dialogue between East and West. In one of her talks in Taipei, she shared a framework that was helpful to me as a knowledgeable professional for effectively conveying my ideas in the workplace. This knowledge would have helped me immensely both professionally and personally.

Michelle goes beyond language to include cultural gaps and meanings between Taiwan and the rest of the world. I recommend working with Michelle to anybody who finds themselves in a new culture.

- Powil Guzmanos

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Michelle Bradley is an excellent intercultural communicator, trainer, and educator. I really recommend Michelle to any clients looking for an intercultural consultant as I have seen first-hand how skilled, passionate, and driven she is!

- Zara Louca

"Michelle's style is a model of oral English expression- with moderate speed, elegance and kindness, plus sufficient lesson preparation. Her Chinese proficiency is also good and she understands Taiwan and Taiwanese as well. The intercultural communication terms and concepts taught are very interesting and practical, and Michelle is also very good at driving discussions. I personally recommend Michelle to give presentations or oral expression courses, which I believe will benefit even more people."


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