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Culturally Emotional Intelligence:

I believe that paired with a global mindset and empathy, cultural difference can serve as a strength for individuals, teams, and organizations. My goal is to accompany you and your organization on the journey towards successful global communication. 


Intercultural Competence Building

  • Cultural Intelligence & Awareness

  • Global Communication Skills

  • Intercultural Management

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Cultural EQ Coaching for
Female Executives

  • Integrate and balance your work and life

  • Benefit from personalized coaching to help achieve sustainable results

Emotional Intelligence Coaching 

  • Coaching is a high-return method to improve your EQ and relationship with yourself. 

  • Michelle will work with you to actualize your skills and capacities to manage in a complex world. 

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Corporate Communication 

  • English language consulting and training 

  • Professional training for specific communication needs: email writing, speech giving, meeting skills, etc 

Communicating in a Chinese culture

  • Chinese business culture & etiquette

  • Effective business communication

  • Management and negotiation styles in Chinese culture 

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15+ countries  |  25+ nationalities   

180+ organizations  |  3,000+ participants

Programs & Packages:

Corporate Trainings & Workshops

Cross-cultural or multi-national teams and organizations need to develop key soft skills in order to elevate their global competence and resilience. Michelle will work with your corporation or organization on customizing an online training package for strategic and successful communication. 


Training Topics:

  • Negotiating Across Cultures

  • Leading: Communications and Engagement

  • Creating Agile Teams

  • Presenting & Adapting to your Audience

  • Communicating Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

  • Teamwork for Global Competence

1 to 1  Coaching

Michelle will partner with you by first understanding what you would like to change or work on in your life, then identifying both your strengths and weaknesses. After that, you'll explore ways to develop more effective thought and communication habits for greater personal and professional success.


This online program includes:

  • Emotional and Cultural Intelligence Assessment: 

      Discover your personal approach to communicating, leading teams,

      and building relationships through the EQ-i assessment

  • Cultural EQ Awareness: 

      Identify strengths, weaknesses, and goals

  • Personal Growth: 

      Identifying areas to develop in your life and successfully working towards them. 

Leading Culturally Diverse Teams 

As teamwork is increasingly done online, fresh and different perspectives are needed to assess how to communicate effectively across cultural lines. It is essential to train teams in constructive communication, expectation management and developing both emotional and cultural intelligence.


Michelle’s intercultural teamwork program is 1-6 online workshop days, and includes:

  • Evaluating personal and team profiles with the EQ-360 assessment tool

  • Developing awareness of the team profile (strengths and weaknesses)

  • Learning skills for more effective collaboration and trust

  • Establishing habits for teamwork, negotiating and giving feedback

East-West Teacher Training

Educators teaching abroad or in multinational classrooms need to develop global competence skills in order to not only to understand people (students, colleagues and parents) from different cultures, but also to understand our own cultural influences better.


Based on two decades of international teaching and training experience, Michelle leads teachers and study-abroad program facilitators on this training course focused on intercultural awareness and its practical application. Suitable for individuals or groups.


This online package program helps you:

  • Develop intercultural awareness

  • Understand and present your own cultural background(s) and intercultural experiences

  • Create links between intercultural education theories to observed behaviors

  • Increase essential skill sets needed to communicate cross-culturally with your co-workers

  • Learn important strategies for giving effective presentations

  • Interact more effectively in online learning environments 

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create the distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”


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