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Silver Grass & Staying Focused on the Present

One of the aspects of Taiwanese culture that I love the most is the great respect shown to nature.

It's the 芒草季 or Silver Grass Season right now. In both Taiwan and Japan, silver grass is widely respected and during the Autumn months, people will go see it covering the mountains and hillsides.

We were lucky to have a beautifully sunny and crisp weekend, which was perfect to go to the mountains surrounding Taipei and hike amidst the gorgeous silver grass.

Being in nature was a wonderful time for some reflection and perspective:

✨️ As we all know, we spend a lot more time in pursuit of a goal rather than reaching it. However, I still observe in myself as well as in my clients some level of dissatisfaction with current progress and high expectations/trepidations about future results.

🌱 My professional focus for the week:

Support a mindset in myself as well as my clients where we can strive towards our professional goals while at the same time being content with the uncertainty and changes along the way.

Everyone's approach to this may look different. For me, it lies in gratitude and staying focused on the present rather than getting caught up in anxieties about the future.

What about you? I’d love to hear from you!


I've updated my home page! It now contains info about my new online course on Developing Cultural Competence for Business Professionals 職場英文大補帖|跨文化溝通指南, check it out here.

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