Whether Looking East to West
or West to East...
Be Your Best Global Self





With over a decade of experience in the global competence and corporate training field, we offer:

  •  Intercultural Trainings

  • Cross-cultural Workshops

  • Global Competence Consulting 

  • Communication skills coaching

   based on your individual or group's needs.


About our founder:

Michelle Bradley is an intercultural trainer, consultant, and coach

specializing in global competence with a focus on 

East-West intercultural communication.

She has lived in East Asia for 18 years,

is bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese and is

dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations

become their best selves. 

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Our values:

East & West:
a focus on bridging  cultural gaps

for your communication needs

Cultural humility:

a process of learning about not only another's culture, but also one's own cultural identities

15+ countries  |  25+ nationalities

180+ organizations  |  3,000+ participants

"Michelle has broad theoretical as well as practical knowledge and experiences from dealing with various life and business situations in both East and West. She shares them openly and in a very inviting and interactive fashion, which makes for a very warm and exciting exchange within the group.”       


- Cristina, workshop participant

Collaboration and Upcoming Events 

As a corporate trainer 
CLN Asia, Michelle works with both Taiwanese and international companies to train, consult and teach their employees on global competency and communication skills.  
It's our pleasure to collaborate with Jany Trnka of jny Signature Projects in helping EU-based tech leaders to build great local RnD partnerships through developing stronger cross-cultural communication skills.
Taipei Impact Entrepreneur Guest Speaker:
POSTPONED due to Taiwan's current COVID-19 situation
- date TBA - 


"We face neither East nor West: We face forward." 

- Kwame Nkrumah

Our Services

Trainings & Workshops
1-on-1 Leadership Coaching
Leading Culturally Diverse Teams in the New Normal
East- West Teacher Training 
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