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Cultural EQ

Cultivate your Global Agility Skills, Leadership Presence, and Personal Purpose 

with Cultural and Emotional Intelligence 

Michelle Bradley is a Cultural and Emotional Intelligence coach, consultant and trainer  who bridges the East and the West.


Hi, I'm the founder of Elephant Communications.

Inspired by the wisdom and resilience that elephants represent across cultures from Asia to Africa, I partner with you in your journey to becoming an impactful, authentic, and empathetic global communicator. 

Client Feedback

I am writing to recommend and express my gratitude for Michelle’s wonderful coaching sessions.


It has been a long time since I paid attention to my soft skills, but thanks to Michelle’s coaching sessions, I am picking them up again. At work, I’m always working on how I can improve my hard skills.


Yet the soft skills Michelle mentioned, such as cross-cultural awareness and CQ, are equally important if I wish to lead a successful career. I’ll try to overcome my shyness, hesitation, conservative mindset, and improve my presence.


I admire how Michelle continues to inspire people with her profession. and I hope that in the future I can also inspire others like she does.


All the best to Michelle!

- Ann Chen, Venture Capital Analyst, Taipei & California

Check out Michelle's recent guest podcast episode!

Victoria Rennoldson and I discussed what it means to develop global agility with Cultural EQ and how East-West cultural dynamics are evolving.


I also shared key tips on updating one's cultural perceptions and developing resilience when working in multicultural environments. Check it out here

Learn about my Online Course! 
Online course "In-Depth Guide to Workplace Communication | Developing Cultural Competence for Business Professionals

In order to support Chinese-speaking professionals in Taiwan and beyond harness the strength of Cultural and Emotional Intelligence to become more effective in the global workplace, together with CLN and Hahow, I've created this 2.5 hour online course:


"In-Depth Guide to Workplace Communication: 

Developing Cultural Competence for Business Professionals


Image by Neil and Zulma Scott
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