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Elephant Communications
Make soft skills your smart skills

Inspired by the wisdom, compassion, and resilience that elephants represent across cultures from Asia to Africa, we offer training and coaching to face the unique and dynamic communication challenges of the 21st century with Cultural and Emotional Intelligence.

Reflect. Engage. Succeed. 

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Global Teams: Impactful Leadership and Collaboration

Inspired by the wisdom, compassion, and resilience that elephants represent across cultures from Asia to Africa, we partner with you and/or your organization to succeed amongst the unique and dynamic communication challenges of the 21st century.





Actualize your skills and capacities to manage in a complex world with a high-return method to improve your EQ & CQ and relationship with yourself. 


Partner with Michelle to bridge East-West communication gaps in your professional or personal life by using the EQ-i development tool. 


Develop key soft skills in order to elevate your global competence and resilience as part of a cross-cultural team.


Learn fresh and different perspectives to communicate effectively across cultural lines. Teams work with Michelle on constructive communication, and developing both emotional and cultural intelligence.

Meet Michelle

Founder and Principal Coach/Trainer

Hi, I'm Michelle. I grew up in NYC & Cape Town and have lived in East Asia for 18 years, mostly in Taipei. 

As a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach & Intercultural trainer fluent in Chinese, I'm dedicated to helping you and/or your team be your best global selves. 

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Client Testimonials

Michelle is a skillful and perceptive coach, with strong knowledge of Emotional Intelligence (EI). My experience with Michelle has been fruitful, rewarding and insightful. She is people-centred, empathetic and patient. Her calm and approachable demeanour made it easy for me to open up to her during our sessions. Michelle’s expertise in reflecting and accurately highlighting areas of EI that I could identify with, and subsequently work on is a quality I greatly appreciate. She helped me gain clarity into areas I felt stuck in, and proffered me insights on how to work through them. The methodological way she conducted our sessions, helped to keep our conversations focused which I found to be effective and helpful. Her Chinese-English bilingualism also added a touch of liveliness to our sessions and helped deepened our connection. I would highly recommend Michelle as a coach to anyone who is looking to work on their EI. - Celine LIn

I really enjoyed the intercultural communication and EQ-i sessions with Michelle. She dedicates time to understand the specific needs of each client and customizes the content. She has a diverse background and a deep understanding of Taiwanese culture. In addition to answering all of my questions about transitioning to another culture, she also helped me answer questions I did not know I had until working through the sessions. I highly recommend everybody to work with Michelle. -Dennis Hong

Michelle is an expert on facilitating intercultural dialogue between East and West. In one of her talks in Taipei, she shared a framework that was helpful to me as a knowledge professional for effectively conveying my ideas at the workplace. This knowledge would have helped me immensely both professionally and personally. Michelle goes beyond language to include cultural gaps and meanings between Taiwan and the rest of the world. I recommend working with Michelle to anybody who finds themselves in a new culture. - Powil Guzmanos

Michelle 是一位相當親切、有耐心、且樂於傾聽的引導師!在一小時的 EQi 解說過程中, 老師一開始先簡單說明今天的流程,並且解說認識 EQi 報告的架構及意涵,讓我很清楚的 知道整個一對一的規劃。在講解過程,老師也會先詢問我的想法,以及過往經驗,接著再透 過老師的專業解說,讓我知道我的行為或想法所對應的依據是哪些。並且,因為 Michelle 老師在台灣居住教學多年,深知台灣人的文化背景,因此在互動的過程,也可以感受到老師 相當理解文化背景所造成的指標影響因素!整體而言相當的專業、舒服,且收穫良多! - Wei Wei Lui

Intercultural Communication in Business:
I've created an Online Course! 
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In order to support Chinese-speaking professionals in Taiwan and beyond harness the strength of Cultural and Emotional Intelligence to become more effective in the global workplace, together with CLN and Hahow, I've created this 2.5 hour online course:


"In-Depth Guide to Workplace Communication: 

Developing Cultural Competence for Business Professionals


Image by Neil and Zulma Scott
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