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Integrate and Lead Successfully Across Cultures

In this era of global business and hybrid work, managers must find ways to unify teams that are geographically and culturally separated.

Over the last decade, the extent to which I’m observing firsthand the demands that people have around being able to lead globally distributed teams (has increased).

It could be anywhere from the growth of emerging markets and otherwise, but it could also be that organizations make acquisitions that are in foreign countries, and now they have to integrate and lead. It could be organizations are developing partnerships and alliances that are globally distributed.

It’s truly a global context, and the price of admission or the entry opportunity for many companies is not that difficult. So they enter, they expand, and then problems come because now you have to lead a distributed workforce.

You may not see people regularly, face-to-face contact, it may not always be there, and you have differences in local and global practices that you have to overcome.

It’s the wave of the future, and you have to develop real skills in this area if you think you want to get into leadership positions in a company.

Contact me here to set up a Discovery Call on how you can develop your own CulturalEQ for today's VUCA world.

*Content adapted from Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley's conversation with Brian Kenny on HBR's Cold Call.

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