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The CulturalEQ Coaching Circle

Our CulturalEQ Coaching Circle has begun! I'm so inspired by our East-West group and the rich discussions we've had so far around culture and identity.

This week's session on Cultural Intelligence brought up two key issues:

✨️ How important it is to cultivate a habit of self-reflection and awareness when developing one's cultural knowledge and global communication skills

✨️ Most frameworks and approaches to understanding cultural intelligence and intercultural communication are based on Western models. There's much opportunity for growth in developing more holistic and blended approaches suitable to the East and many other global regions.

Our 5-month journey is an insightful one of growth

👉 I'm thrilled that we've begun plus what this means for us as individuals (each participant does meaningful work on bridging cultures in both their personality and professional lives) and our spheres of influence.

🌐 Ultimately, I'm looking forward to discovering what future impact this Coaching Circle experience has on our East-West communication!

Our next #CulturalEQCoachingCircle will begin in the second half of the year, subscribing to my newsletter is a great way to get updates. You can also learn more here!

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