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Upskilling with Cultural EQ - 5 Questions

Upskilling is seen by the World Economic Forum as crucial to prepare for the future world of work.

So the question is, upskill what?

Acquiring knowledge specific to your particular role is valuable, as well as increasing your technological abilities.

Yet, there are also more personal skills you can work on.

For example, intercultural awareness, which in today’s business world is so important to develop.

Understanding the need for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is key as we all interact and work with people from different cultures, religions, generations, and experiences from our own.

✨ Taking the time to identify the skills you need and then work on them will benefit you - as well as your circle - both personally and professionally.

How to begin?

Start by asking yourself these 5 questions (included below) related to CulturalEQ - the combined wisdom and strength of Cultural & Emotional Intelligence - to develop yourself now and prepare for the future of work.

Which question do you connect to? What would you like to develop?

Contact me here to set up a Discovery Call on how you can develop your own CulturalEQ for today's VUCA world.

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