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Think Again

Did you know that natural light increases engagement and focus, leading to increased collaboration and psychological safety in teams?

☀☀☀ One reason why it was such a pleasure to lead my Cultural EQ 'THINK AGAIN' workshop with a fantastic group on a beautiful, sunny autumn day in Taipei.

🌞 SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy's team coaching workshop for the amazing Taiwan team (plus a few Singapore members!) with plenty of access to natural light really helped to create an inclusive and energetic environment.

During the all-day bilingual session, we focused on developing Cultural and Emotional Intelligence for global collaboration as well as Psychological Safety for teams and had a fantastic exchange and learning experience together.

🌐 Prior to the full-day workshop, I held one-on-one coaching sessions with each member of the Taiwan team, debriefing them on their personal EQ-i Emotional Intelligence assessment. This really helped to increase the depth of our group discussions and will deepen the continued executive coaching journey with the leadership team.

One team member's feedback:

"The workshop was very helpful for me to know more about my coworkers and myself. The biggest learning is to know how to build up a safe psychological environment. Besides, it’s also good for me to share my thoughts and try new things in this safe environment. Thanks, Michelle. Hope to learn more from you 😊."

Contact me here to set up a Discovery Call on how you can develop your own CulturalEQ communication skills for leadership and team communication in today's VUCA world.

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