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The Year of The Water Rabbit

Happy Lunar New Year! We wish all of our clients, partners, and friends a wonderful beginning to the Year of the Water Rabbit.

Lunar New Year is considered the world's largest annual human migration. We've compiled a list for you of the countries which officially celebrate the LNY and their holiday dates. If you do business with or have coworkers in these countries, keep in mind that they'll most likely be on vacation with their families, traveling, or just taking a break.

Public holiday dates:

  1. China: 21-27 January

  2. Hong Kong: 22-25 January

  3. Macau: 22-24 January

  4. Taiwan: 20-29 January

  5. Singapore: 22-24 January

  6. Malaysia: 22-24 January

  7. Vietnam: (Tet Holiday - 21 Jan to 27 Jan)

祝大家萬事如意!‘Wan shi ru yi’ is a popular New Year greeting and means 'May all your wishes be fulfilled.'

The photo included in this image was taken over the LNY a few years ago at The Sherwood Hotel - the host of dignitaries such as Nelson Mandela and Margaret Thatcher on visits to Taipei - before it closed in 2022.

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