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One size doesn't fit all 🌐

Developing psychological safety has become an increasingly relevant topic in Asia-based organizations recently. 

How to make it culturally relevant continues to be part of the dialogue. 

Speaking up and showing vulnerability is challenging for all of us, especially for those who come from a traditional East Asian educational background. 

Empathy is a universal emotion but ways of showing it can differ greatly! 

I therefore think that the US-based approach to psychological safety (defined as: An environment that encourages, recognizes and rewards individuals for their contributions and ideas by making individuals feel safe when taking interpersonal risks) certainly needs to be adapted according to the cultural values of a particular group. 


It was my pleasure to discuss 'The Power of Psychological Safety: Thriving in a VUCA world' with teams and leaders at a Taiwan semiconductor giant recently.

In this recent webinar, I really appreciated the interactive and engaged energy of the over 700 participants! We had an insightful discussion on how to adjust one's communication according to cultural and generational voices. 

I am grateful as always to be a part of this meaningful conversation and look forward to future ones! 

“There’s no team without trust.”  - Paul Santagata, head of industry at Google

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