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Global Leadership: Wisdom vs Knowledge

Cultural Humility is an important part of any road that I help point the way down, and often reference it as part of a training/coaching program or workshop.

When I first spoke about it, I was working with an international group in Taipei. I wondered: How would it be received? The group really took to it and had a rich discussion on how to apply it in their daily lives.

What is cultural humility?

Two women in healthcare saw how culture is central to interactions and wanted to describe a way of incorporating multiculturalism into their work as professionals. Replacing the idea of cultural competency, cultural humility was based on the idea of focusing on self-reflection and lifelong learning:

"Both cultural competence and cultural humility are focused on increasing awareness of one’s skills and behaviors while working in multicultural situations. However, important differences exist. 💫

Cultural humility provides a more critical and effective approach to working with clients with diverse perspectives. This shift in practice has the potential to increase effectiveness and reduce disparities that fall along cultural lines."

- The American Journal of Occupational Therapy

traditional roofing in a Hakka village, Hsinchu county, Taiwan

🌐 Increasing awareness of one’s skills and behaviors is essential for global leaders and teams to develop in order to successfully communicate with Cultural EQ (the combined strength & wisdom of Cultural & Emotional Intelligence).

💡Having knowledge of the differences between your's and other's cultures' communication styles is useful, but has limited applicability in challenging and unknown situations.

✨Rather, the wisdom gained from developing one’s cultural humility through self-awareness and reflection will be of real benefit to agile leaders navigating global teams.

You can start developing this skill by asking yourself this question: - "Am I 100 percent responsible for how I communicate? If not, what percent?"

👉Then ask yourself how you can increase that. 😊

Have you applied Cultural Humility when developing your global communication skills? I'd love to hear from you!

Contact me here to set up a Discovery Call on how you can develop your own CulturalEQ for today's VUCA world.

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