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Emotional Intelligence Workshop with CLN

It was such an amazing experience to lead an EQ session with the incredible CLN team in Taipei! I'm really honored to have been invited.

Before that, I'd conducted private EQ coaching sessions with 4 employees, and am happy to receive this feedback from Letitia Huang in English and Iris Liu in Chinese:

"Before the talk with Michelle, Emotional Intelligence (EI) was quite a vague concept

to me. I’m surprised that how Michelle combined the assessment report with her own

precise, accurate perspectives and consulting experiences to help me gain a

better idea of how I should put more effort into my EI.

In the consulting session, Michelle used an empathetic and skillful approach to help

me open up, and share ideas that connected to the outcome of the results.

Michelle was not only able to provide clear and possible methods which could

enhance each composite in five aspects, but also explained how different composites

could interact with each other.

I’m grateful to have this opportunity to have a deeper cognition that how EI could

affect work life and personal life. I’ve practiced the suggestions that Michelle

provided and discovered a great improvement in decision-making and stress

management at workplace. I highly recommend those who want to gain more self-

cognition in EI sign up sessions with Michelle. You will learn more than you expect."

Michelle 是一位相當親切、有耐心、且樂於傾聽的引導師!在一小時的 EQi 解說過程中,

老師一開始先簡單說明今天的流程,並且解說認識 EQi 報告的架構及意涵,讓我很清楚的


過老師的專業解說,讓我知道我的行為或想法所對應的依據是哪些。並且,因為 Michelle



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