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Cultural Intelligence: Supporting Tomorrow's Leaders

It was wonderful to be invited for a second year in a row to National Yang Ming Jiao Tong University to lead a two-week workshop series on Intercultural Communication for their current students, staff as well as alumni.

This year, I built in GLOBAL YOU as the central theme, around which we discussed topics such as:

- Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

- Framework(s) for developing Intercultural Communication

- Culture and the Position of the Self in Society

- Your Cultural Intelligence

In the final session, we discussed this book quote by David Livermore, and how to actualize it on a personal level using the SMART goal framework:

“There are also three key experiences that consistently reveal a positive relationship with CQ: cross-cultural experience, educational level, and working in multicultural teams.”

We had over 75 participants and I really enjoyed the high level of interaction, personal sharing, and interesting questions both this year and last - a really terrific group!

😊 A big thanks to the CLN team for making it all possible as always.

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