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Crisis Equals Opportunity

With China reopening to the rest of the world after nearly three years of closed borders, it's a huge sigh of relief for many who've been separated from family and work (both in China and abroad) for what feels like a very long time.

If you persevered through the uncertainty and lockdowns, especially as an expat/flexpat, congratulations to you for your resilience!

As quoted in the book of the Confucian philosopher Mencius (孟子):

Ruin from Heaven (天)

We can weather.

Ruin from ourselves

we never survive.

My translation:

We can't always control our outer circumstances or WHAT will happen around us in the future. We can however control HOW we respond to situations, and where we give our time and attention.

One of the most popular phrases I've heard in Taiwan and from Chinese friends over the past few years has been 危機就是轉機 (crisis is a turning point/ crisis equals opportunity). With this mindset, every experience is valuable as an opportunity for growth.

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