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Client Feedback & the Importance of Intercultural Communication

"When you reach the level of a people leader, it's not about the job or your technical skills, it's about your ability to communicate with your team, your people."

A leader of a cross-functional global team shared her thoughts on leadership in a recent coaching session with me, and I wholeheartedly agree.

🌐 That's why understanding the role that culture plays is so crucial.

So when I got an invite to come back as a guest workshop facilitator for the third year in a row with the message:

"Your Intercultural Communication workshop was a huge success."

..I was so happy to hear that!

If this group of global managers started to understand their own cultural lens and how it impacts their communication style, AND want to continue their exploration, then that shows real progress on their path to greater Cultural and Emotional Intelligence(CulturalEQ).

This is a fantastic result, and I really applaud organizations that invest in this process, as it's not only valuable but essential in today's business world.

Contact me here to set up a Discovery Call on how you can develop your own CulturalEQ for today's VUCA world.

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