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Bridging Communication from East to West

The approach to small talk, presenting oneself and negotiation for Chinese speakers is unique and special, however, needs to be adapted when working across cultural borders.

Having a chance to understand one's own communication style, and then adapting when necessary, is therefore essential for successful collaboration, not only for Chinese speakers, but all people communicating on a global level.

Over the past few months, this group in Taiwan - who works for a US company that has many global employees working remotely - has been developing their cultural intelligence as an integral part of successful communication in English.

😊 Throughout the coaching & training process, I've been moved by the collective tenacity, drive, and enthusiasm shown by everyone - I'm so happy to see each person's growth and development, as well as to hear great feedback from them.

"Thank you, Michelle.

In this course, I've learned a lot about successfully communicating with my US & Indian teammates - especially about Negotiation Skills and Personal Branding."


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